Stop Smoking for a Healthy 2017

It’s that time of year when we start to think ahead to the Spring and plan those all important New Year resolutions! Perhaps one of the most common plans for a fresh start is to stop smoking. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help someone who is determined to quit the...

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New Year’s Resolutions with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Do you finally want to quit smoking or perhaps feel more confident in the New Year? Is 2017 the year when you finally overcome your fear of flying and head off to a hot and sunny part of the world? Maybe you want to change your life completely and want to start to...

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Beat the Winter blues

As we approach the run up to Christmas and the colder darker evening’s people’s perceptions of stress may start to increase. The early evening dark nights have already started and with the prospect of cold mornings and holiday periods approaching this time of the year...

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Are we in the UK becoming depressed because of alcohol?

Is alcohol affecting your mood more than you realise? People drink for a whole host of reasons whether it is to celebrate a job promotion, birthday or maybe it’s the after work drinks on a Friday evening. You might be wanting some dutch courage to speak to potential...

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