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Award Winner

Hypnotherapist of the Year 2017 and 2018

Bangor Awards Winner

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Best New Business

Judith Ward – Award Winning Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hi I’m Judith Ward, an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist and anxiety expert. I trained at the prestigious Clifton Practice in London before setting up my practice in 2016 as the first ever qualified Solution focused hypnotherapist in Northern Ireland.

I know anxiety and fears are exhausting.

Your body feels tense, there is a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach.

It can affect your sleep, knock your confidence and self-esteem and it affects your ability to cope with the day ahead.

Would you like to sleep better , boost your confidence and overcome that fear to live the life you deserve?

If this sounds like you, you have taken the first important steps to recognise what you need and you are in the right place to build on this.

I can show you the tools and techniques I have used to help hundreds of clients and have also helped me through difficult periods in my life.

I use a combination of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP and my own unique approach to create an enjoyable, modern positive form of therapy which focuses on getting you where you want to be without bringing up painful memories. It works by changing negative thought patterns and habits replacing them with healthy ones at a subconscious level.

I specialise in using hypnotherapy to help with anxiety, stress, phobias and fears, insomnia, confidence, self-esteem, public speaking, exam or interview fears, relationships, coping with illnesses and grief. Let me help you build your resilience using hypnotherapy to bring positive changes into your life.

If you’re

……… tired of feeling anxious and having a busy brain

………feeling overwhelmed

……….fearful of situations

……….worried about relationships or life in general

………..ready for positive change

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Testimonials from clients

Emma Rayner - Bangor

  I would like to thank Judith for the recent sessions I had to tackle issues with sleep and anxiety. She is a lovely professional lady and I cannot recommend her enough. Solution Focused hypnotherapy really works and she is the first practising hypnotherapist in Northern Ireland. The help she has given me has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life. If you feel there are any areas of your life that would benefit from a positive input Judith is the lady for you. Thanks again. Customer testimonial Emma @ Bangor

Alison Furness-flint - England

  Life changing. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Judith and the new direction in life she has given me. I have struggled with anxiety and low confidence levels for a long time. I had so much fear and self doubt. Judith works on a very deep level of the mind. Now after a few sessions I am a lot more confident, focused and positive and I am looking forward to life. I know how to overcome any obstacles to reach my goals. alison testimonials - customer england

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Issues Covered & Resolved: Anxiety – Low Self-Esteem – Mindset – Lack of Motivation – Fears & Phobias – Relationship Difficulties – Stress – Insomnia – Depression – Changing Unhealthy Habits – Public Speaking Fears – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Nail Biting – Grief

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