Are you wide awake during the noctural hours? So what is the key to getting healing, restorative and good quality sleep to set you up for the day ahead?


We spend on average a third of our lives asleep. This isn’t really comforting when you are going through a period of not being able to sleep and lie awake watching the clock in the early hours of the morning.

The Great British Sleep survey say that 51.3% of us have trouble sleeping. Women are more likely to be affected than men. We are also sleeping on average 2hrs less than what we did 50 years ago.

Sleep is essential for good mental and physical health and the link between sleep deprivation and long term health problems like depression, anxiety, infertility, obesity and diabetes have been recorded.


What are the main causes of insomnia?

  • Anxiety which causes the primitive or subconscious mind to be maintained in a fearful mode and therefore too dangerous to switch off and go to sleep. This can leave the brain on alert listening out for noises in our surroundings.
  • Not being able to switch off from the day’s activities. Going over what has happened during the day or needs to be done tomorrow keeps the brain on alert.
  • The primitive or subconscious disrupts the REM sleeping pattern and prevents the person getting back to sleep.
  • Belief systems that if you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to function the following day. “If I don’t get eight hours of sleep I won’t be able to do my best”.
  • Drinking alcohol or coffee before bed.
  • Overeating
  • Watching TV and checking phones in bed.
  • PTSD or some other fear response.

How can I improve my sleep patterns?

Getting a good night’s sleep is important.


Using progressive muscle relaxation which teaches your body and your mind to relax. Lie down on your bed and imagine yourself relaxing from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes. Focus your energy on the top of your head and imagine all the little muscles relaxing and then use this technique on all parts of your body moving down to your toes. Take slow and easy breathes whilst you do this. You may fall asleep before you finish.

Listening to CD’s or recordings can also teach you this technique. It teaches you self-hypnosis. I offer an initial consultation where I give my clients a recording to listen to at night to help them regulate their sleep patterns. I will explain how your brain is keeping you awake and how hypnosis can help you.


I will give you a clear explanation of how the mind works and how to REM can help give you a restorative sleep and how to go about doing this.

Here is what one of my clients has said: “Judith’s hypnotherapy sessions have been a great deal of help”. “I regularly suffer from bouts of insomnia which affects my working and private life”. “Since listening to Judith’s audio recordings, I have definitely noticed a vast improvement in my sleeping patterns”. Judith’s hypnotherapy sessions have helped me relax and “switch off” at bedtime allowing for an undisturbed peaceful sleep”. I would recommend Judith’s hypnotherapy to anyone who has similar problems. “I was once a sceptic on the advantages of hypnotherapy, I am now happy to admit it’s excellent and had positive effects on my insomnia”. “Thank you” Darren.

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Judith Ward is a clinical hypnotherapist based in Bangor, Northern Ireland. I see clients from Belfast, Holywood, Donaghadee, Newtownards and all over Northern Ireland and the rest of the world via Skype. She published some online journals and magazines articles about her subject and is passionate about helping people become a happier version of themselves. It can be used for anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, sleep management, confidence, self-esteem, phobias, work-stress, public speaking and lots more. Sign up to receive advice on how to live a happier life for her newsletter.

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