Is alcohol affecting your mood more than you realise?

judith ward

Drunken college friends after a wild house party

People drink for a whole host of reasons whether it is to celebrate a job promotion, birthday or maybe it’s the after work drinks on a Friday evening.

You might be wanting some dutch courage to speak to potential date or it could be to simply to let your hair down after a busy week at work.

However are you finding yourself drinking more regularly? Are you finding it more of a necessary crutch?

Alcohol is known to be a depressant. Drinking can increase anxiety levels and make the low mood associated with depression even worse. It affects our production of serotonin which we need to make us resilient and keep us happy.


In Solution Focused hypnotherapy we describe the brain as being made up of two parts. One of these we call the primitive part of our brain. That first drink at a party can make you feel relaxed but later on our primitive brain will take over and we can find ourselves not thinking rationally. It is even worse the next day when the hangover sets in and we start to doubt ourselves.

Different people have different levels of tolerance to alcohol. Some people can consume far more than others. So if you are unlucky to be a slow metaboliser of alcohol then even one or two drinks could have an effect.


If you are on anti-depressants and drinking alcohol on a regular basis, please check with your doctor as this may have an impact on how serotonin is being produced in your body.

If you think you are drinking too much your GP can offer you some support and help you.

Solution focused Hypnotherapy can help you if you think that you are drinking too much.

“It works by reducing your anxiety levels and emptying your stress bucket of life to help you cope better and make the right decisions for you”. Judith say, “I give my clients a free recording to listen to when they first come to see me”.

Client Testimonial: “When I came to see you I was miserable and I felt a shift after speaking to you in the first session”. I used to drink alcohol every night and now I am happier and can cope on my own. I haven’t had any alcohol since I came to see you”.     Client. Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

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Judith says, “Solution Focused Hypnotherapy helps by encouraging the client to be able to look towards positive solutions, which can help to propel them towards a brighter future.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can also be used to help to take control over other aspects of our lives, ranging from stopping smoking through to reducing phobias and weight management.

Judith is a fully-qualified, and insured, hypnotherapy practitioner, who is also a member of the prestigious Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH).

The AfSFH ensures its members adhere to high ethical standards including on-going professional development to keep them up-to-speed on all the latest research and techniques being used in both psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.

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