Last weekend I was delighted to have been invited onto the Gerry Kelly show to talk about hypnotherapy. Here I am posing like a tourist outside the BBC.

If you are interested in hearing my chat with Gerry, it is available online for the next 26 days on the

BBC I player.

During the interview, I talk about the difference between clinical hypnotherapy and “stage hypnosis” which is a common misconception!

Clinical hypnotherapy is used for the treatment of a range of conditions from anxiety, depression, phobias, confidence, trauma and sleep disorders. On the other hand, Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only. You will never be asked to perform like a chicken when you come and see me! You have complete control and would never be asked to do anything you don’t want to do.

To find out more about what I do drop me a line using the contact form on my website or join me on Facebook. I’d love to hear from you.


Solution focused hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues including:

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Judith is Clinical hypnotherapist and is available to see clients face to face from her clinic in Bangor or via Skype. Her goal using Solution focused hypnotherapy is help people become a happier version of themselves. She has won the Lux, Health, Beauty and Wellness awards 2017 and been awarded Hypnotherapist of the Year. She is available for expert advice and discussion on anxiety, depression and phobias.

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