There are so many different types of therapies out there it can be confusing to find the right person for you. I have tried different types in my life and have met some wonderful therapists and each has different approaches and styles. Before booking an appointment check the following five credentials:

Questions to ask to find the right therapist for you.


Q1: What qualifications do they have?

 Ok, so where do you start here? Find out if they are trained and qualified in the subject they are practicing. Have they got the certificates to prove it?

To become a clinical Hypnotherapist for example we have what is called a Hypnotherapist Practitioners diploma and then some people may go onto to study an Advanced course. The advanced course takes four years to complete and is equivalent to a degree in Hypnotherapy.

There are some training providers out there that sell one day or one-week courses. These delegates will have no practical experience in the real world! The Hypnotherapist Practitioners course with CPHT where I trained in London takes 10 months and requires 360 practical hours working with clients. The Advanced course requires an additional 300 hours of practical work in addition to research.


Q2: Do they have any specialist training in the area that you are interested in getting help with?

It’s a good idea to find a therapist who has is trained in the area you are seeking help with.

In my case, in addition to the HPD course, I have attended further training in:

Fertility and Self-hypnosis for child-birth, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Emetophobia, Needle phobia and lead person in Trauma for the BBC and a Trauma Risk Assessor. I have also completed a course in working with children and have an enhanced DBS check (This is a security check for working with children and vulnerable people)

I am qualified Safety Practitioner (BSc Hons & NEBOSH Dip) and worked with businesses for stress and work/life balances. I also have a PGDip in Health Education and Health Promotion


Q3:  Do they have a supervisor?

All therapists should have a supervisor who will review a number of cases and offer impartial advice on ethics and professional standards. Check if the therapist you are planning to see receives supervision and is up to date with their professional knowledge.

I have a Supervisor and every year I need to attend courses in England to maintain Continuing Professional development or CPD. I am the most experienced Solution focused hypnotherapist in Ireland and have worked with a large variety of clients.

The therapist should also be a member of a Professional Organisation.

I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. AfSFH(Reg) and the Complementary Health Council (CNHC)


Q4: Do they have qualities that you would like?

You need to be able to trust your therapist and feel comfortable in their space! We have what we call a therapeutic alliance in therapy and that is one built upon trust. Another thing to consider is whether you would prefer to talk to a man or a woman? Who would you feel most at ease with?


Q5: Fees.

Don’t always go for the cheapest out there as that person may not have the right qualifications. A person who charges a high fee may not offer the best service either! Go with your gut instinct when selecting someone.

I hope you find this guide useful!

Solution-focused hypnotherapy is a modern style of hypnotherapy and is forward-looking and helps the client get towards their preferred outcome. It can help with smoking, anxiety, depression, confidence, phobias, pain and lot’s more. To find out more about how hypnotherapy can help you see



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