If you are a person who feels uncomfortable or scared on a plane then Solution focused hypnotherapy may be able to help you. You might want to be able to fly away for your holidays or maybe you need to travel for work and the anxiety of travel is getting you down. Using well researched and safe techniques, hypnotherapy can help you feel calmer on board your journey.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy can help give you the tools to get your destination feeling in control.


How many sessions does it take?

It varies from person to person but typically between 3-4 sessions.


What was your experience like when you came to Judith Ward Hypnotherapy?

Client words:

My friendly hypnotherapist was a woman who put me at ease when I first met her. For the initial consultation we sat and chatted and she gave me a detailed explanation of the brain and how hypnotherapy could help me. Everything was grounded in science and this put my mind at ease. I knew I would not feel like jumping for joy on a plane but I wanted to be able to go away and not let it hold me back.

At the first session we chatted for a while and then I lay down on a horizontal couch covered in a blanket with some nice relaxing music and closed my eyes. She explained that she would take me through the relaxation process and allow my mind to wander. It was like a guided journey of stories. I left feeling really relaxed and calm.

I was terrified of flying before I came to see Judith and was dreading going on holiday but since the hypnotherapy, I was able to go and enjoy my holiday”. – J, Northern Ireland.

I love helping people and hearing back from clients who have managed to overcome their fears in whatever area of their life makes my job so worthwhile.

I am an ambassador for the Complementary National Health Council (CNHC) which sets high professional standards for its members. Solution-focused hypnotherapy can also help with phobias or fears with spiders, driving, interviews, exams, public speaking, sleep, anxiety, and confidence.

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