By Judith Ward, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Would you like this to be you this Christmas?

Christmas can be a stressful time for a lot of people. People can be dealing with issues like grief, loneliness and relationships can be tested to max at Christmas time.

Tempers can get frayed and anger can be an issue in families. I’ve written this blog to give you some practical tips on anger and how to stay calm this Christmas.

Some facts around Christmas:

The British Association of Anger Management (BAAM) carried out a survey and found that:

Over half of British people have family arguments over the Christmas period.

Phonecalls to Relate go up to a staggering 59%

Most families have their first argument by 10:00 am


Watch my video to find out more about how you can stay calm this Christmas.


5 Top Tips to a calmer Christmas:

  • Christmas does not have to be perfect. It’s one day a year and we can put so much pressure on ourselves for things to be absolute perfection.
  • Enlist some help and plan ahead as much as you can to take the pressure off you on the day.
  • Keep control of the amount of alcohol you consume on the day – Alcohol can be a trigger for arguments. Drinking lowers your defenses and changes your mood.
  • Take ten deep breaths if you feel stressed.
  • If you feel yourself being triggered, walk away and find a quiet space or go out for a walk. Say you have eaten a lot not that you want to escape the family!


If you are looking for help or support over the holiday period, Solution-focused hypnotherapy can help you cope with anger, anxiety, relationships, sleep and stress and help you cope better during stressful periods in your life. If you would like to get some help and would like to know more or book your initial consultation please go to

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In my next video on the subject of Christmas, I will be focusing on relationships and loneliness.


Judith Ward is an award-winning clinical hypnotherapist who uses solution-focused brief therapy combined with hypnotherapy to help people with anxiety, depression, anger, phobias, fears, sleep and lots more. She is based in Bangor Northern Ireland and also works with clients via the Internet. Her passion to help people cope with everyday stresses and become happier versions of themselves. She can be reached at or my Facebook page. Click here to view my Facebook page.


Further resources:

Samaritans: Tel: 02890664422.

Email: (RoI) Email: (NI)

The British Association of Anger Management. Tel: 0333 250 1961

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