Anxiety can feel overwhelming and scary and it can creep up on you at any time in your life.

It can make you not want to leave your home, go places socially and hold you back at work and want to avoid travel.

Once we have a deeper understanding of where this anxiety is coming from it help us move from fear and stress into gaining back control of our lives.

I love helping people with anxiety and have seen big changes in the clients I have worked with.

I have worked with clients experiencing:

  • Travel anxiety
  • Anxiety leaving their home
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety at work
  • Flying fears
  • Social anxiety
  • Anxiety around eating (reflux and emetophobia)
  • Skin picking and hair and eyelash pulling

I have had an article published this month in Thrive Global that I would like to share with you. It is called the A-Z of anxiety and how to stop it from taking over your life. Please read this article as it will give you a much deeper understanding of where your anxiety is coming from and this can help you work towards finding ways and solutions of living a calm and happy life.

As featured in:

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To read the full A-Z article and find out how to overcome anxiety: Click here:

Judith Ward is an award-winning clinical solution focused hypnotherapist. She works from her practice in Bangor or via the Internet. She helps clients with confidence, anxiety, fears, sleep and lots of other issues. She was the first solution focused hypnotherapist to set up her business in Northern Ireland. She can be found at

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