Sometimes taking that first step to make a positive change in your life can feel daunting. It can feel like stepping into the unknown. Perhaps you have you wanted to get some help for a while now but have felt uncertain or what to do next or who to speak to.

It is really important that you find the right person that you feel comfortable with and has the necessary skills and expertise in the area of you are looking to get help with.

I’ve made this short video explaining what you can expect when you come for your initial consultation with me. If you would like to find out more or ask any questions please send me an email or book directly with me via my website.

People often ask me, “What can I expect when I come to see you for an initial consultation?” Whenever you come to see me, what will happen is you’ll come to my clinic and first of all, we’ll sit down and I’ll ask you some questions about what would you really like hypnotherapy to help you with. What would be your best hopes from us working together? We’ll start to create an idea about where you want to go on this journey.

What I’ll do next is we’ll talk a lot about the brain in detail, about the brain and how it works and how hypnotherapy can help you. My clients find that after this one initial consultation, they feel lighter, they feel like a weight’s taken off their shoulders and they’re ready to go forward on this journey. I’ll also give you a recording to listen to at night time when you go to bed, and this can start the process working before you come back and see me again.

Solution-focused hypnotherapy can help with changing habits, overcoming fears or phobias, improving sleep, working on your career or personal relationships.

I am a multi-award winning Clinical solution focused hypnotherapist, an anxiety expert, a writer for Thrive Global and founder of

I support people to overcome fears and difficulties in their lives and to build their confidence in a way that lasts. And the next person I support can be you!

Let me show how your brain works and how you can back control of you and your life. Be a happier version of you this year in 2019. It’s all about getting your mind back in control to support you to succeed.

Are you tired of being told to shake off your feelings and get on with it? Are sick of feeling tired and anxious? Have you tried to do this on your own but feel you are stuck in a rut? If the answer is yes, then this is the place for you!

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