By Judith Ward, Clinical Solution focused Hypnotherapist.

Our body confidence can take a nosedive at different times in our lives. Research has shown that everyone has been affected by poor body confidence at some point. This article covers four ways that you can use to improve how you think about your body. Change your thoughts and you can change your life.

Step 1. Fast Forward to the future

OK so let’s imagine you can go on a time machine and travel all the way to 10 years ahead of you now. How would you like to reflect on that time? Would you like to go back and think yes I enjoyed all those years or “I wish I had not wasted all of that time and energy worrying about my body?”.

Step 2: Give your brain a workout

Your brain is a muscle and you can work to change how you think and feel about yourself. Spend 5 minutes every day visualising success whatever that means to you. This could be taking back control of your eating, seeing yourself feeling confident at a party or walking down the beach on holiday in your swimwear. It doesn’t matter what that scene is, visualisation can be powerful for the brain.

Step 3: Beauty does not mean perfection

You don’t have to like every part of your body. You can start by focusing on the parts of your body that you do like and doing this daily can help shift the focus to a more positive perspective. Reframing can really help how you think about things. I have scars on my body but each one tells a story. These can be an internal scar from a loss of a child or a scar from a time when you cut yourself badly but lived to tell the tale. A scar I have on my forehead reminds me that I was an adventurer as a child. I liked to climb even if it meant falling off a high wall and needing a hospital visit at the time.

Step 4: Your body is more than it’s external image

Think about all the different ways your body has protected you and kept you safe over the years. It helps you recover from illnesses and enables you to travel to some amazing places and discover the world and experience dance, sport, nature, relationships, sex and fun times.

This is the time to celebrate your uniqueness, there is only one person on this earth exactly like you.


Judith Ward is an award-winning clinical solution focused Hypnotherapist and solution focused brief therapist and speaker. She founded Judith Ward Hypnotherapy in Bangor, N Ireland and works to help her clients become happier versions of themselves. She works with clients face to face from her clinic or online. To get in touch or book a workshop please contact


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