Over 61% of people don’t perceive themselves as confident. Wow, that’s shocking! There are less confident people out there than what you think.

When you look at some confident people on the Television you might think that they really have their act together but this can be practiced and learned.

I work with clients to help them boost their confidence and overcome their fears. This can be for specific events like interviews, public speaking or exams. Building upon your confidence can also help in your relationships and how you feel about yourself.

You can work on your confidence in a number of different ways. This blog can help you by showing you some practical steps that you can take.

Here is my latest guest blog post for the Woman Ready blog:

Read this article to discover 6 ways to take action to boost your confidence now.



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Judith Ward is an award-winning clinical solution focused hypnotherapist and has helped lots of clients with anxiety, confidence, phobias and fears. She lives by the sea in Bangor, Co, Down and previously lived and trained for her hypnotherapy practice in London.

If you would like to work with 1-2-1, I work face to face with clients in Bangor, Northern Ireland or online anywhere in the world. To book your initial consultation please visit www.judithwardhypnotherapy.co.uk


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