What To think about:

  • Choose a fully qualified hypnotherapist who has successfully completed training from a professional training provider and is in possession of their Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma.


  • A well-trained hypnotherapist should have received completed training for a sufficient period of time to acquire the necessary skills and experience working with clients.


  • I attended 10 months of training in London and then completed the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and additional specialist CPDs. There are some qualifications that are advertised which are only 8 days long. Some people may say they offer hypnosis as part of their skillset and may have attended a 1 or 2-day course as part of another modality. You need much longer than this to be a competent hypnotherapist and have experience working with actual clients. It is important to think about who you would like to use to help you before booking an appointment with them.


  • ​​ Find out if the hypnotherapist has received any additional training in the area you are interested in getting help with. Email or phone to ask about the treatment in order to make a decision.


  • Check first if they have finished their training or are they still a student? They may not have studied in the area you are looking for help with yet on their course.


  • Read client testimonials on their social media and on google before making any decisions. Check if you have any friends in common with the person and ask them what they think. Be wary if all their reviews have been left by other hypnotherapists or their friends!


  • Ask are they in possession of any awards or special recognition for the work they do?


  • Are they offering you a guarantee or success rate? Like any other therapies the therapist they should not give you guarantees or success rates. Please be wary of guarantees are being made.


  • Hypnotherapy may not work for everybody. A professional hypnotherapist will tell you about the limitations of hypnotherapy in relation to the area that you would like help with. They should be honest about their scope of practice and experience in that area.


  • I specialise in helping clients with anxiety, overcoming fears and phobia like driving, public speaking, flying and interviews, sleep, and confidence. I also am passionate about helping women who feel stuck in their lives or are coming out of relationships and would like to feel calmer.


  • I have created this checklist to help you make decisions to find a therapist who will be just right for you to help you overcome that problem so you can move on and enjoy your life!


Judith Ward is an award-winning clinical solution focused hypnotherapist and works in Northern Ireland and also online. She can be contacted at her website www.judithwardhypnotherapy.co.uk or by emailing info@judithwardhypnotherapy.co.uk

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