Learn from others who have worked with me to find out how I can guide you on your journey to feeling calmer.

I have collated some testimonial responses from some of the clients I have helped. The following feedback is from clients who were experiencing anxiety and stress in their lives. I have removed their names for confidentiality. I work with both men and women.

“I started working with Judith when I found myself suffering from anxiety and stress”. “This was leading to mild depression”.

“The first session, when my feelings were explained and how the brain functioned was extremely useful”. “Listening to her recordings at home was an added bonus to help relax”.

“When I applied the methods, I had learned I did feel more positive, relaxed and was enjoying life in a different way”. “I was more self-aware and made more of an effort to work on my mental health”.

Appointments were always on time and conducted very professionally and overall it was a pleasure to work with Judith”.

Client, Lisburn, N Ireland


“I loved that you were able to talk to me and make me think more rationally without making me feel stupid, I love how you explained everything so clearly, and I found the music really relaxing, if I could just listen to the music now I think it would relax me instantly! If I were to describe your services, I would say that you can cause really good relaxation, as well as teach yourself how to work on yourself, without it being overly difficult to do”. “You reminded me to keep up with things and gave me multiple coping mechanisms to help me relax and feel more confident and look how much better I am! “I used to not leave my house and now I’m in a full-time professional job in my dream job! I would definitely recommend you”.

Client, Comber, N Ireland

“I’m now in another job which I really enjoy, with a lovely team of people, and am no longer afraid to try anything new. I definitely have a newfound confidence and optimism”. “Thanks again for all your support”.

Client, Cambridge, England.


Video testimonial

Living with anxiety can be debilitating. Every day can feel like a struggle.

Panic attacks, overwhelm, having a sense of dread in the pit of your stomach, sleepless nights, constant worry, comparing yourself to others. The list goes on.

What difference would it make to you if you were able to wake up feeling calmer and happier?

Would you embark on living your life to your fullest potential?

Let me take you on a new journey to a calmer you. I use a range of NLP, CBT and relaxing hypnosis to help you rewire your subconscious mind.

Come work with me 1-2-1 in person or online.

Or join my 5-week anxiety and stress online programme (Launching soon). Email me if you are interested in finding out more about this.

To find out more https://judithwardhypnotherapy.co.uk/contact-us or register your interest for my new online programme.

What is anxiety? Click here to watch a short video

Judith Ward is a multi-award winning clinical hypnotherapist and her passion is to help people overcome anxiety. She has worked with hundreds of clients from her clinic in Bangor, Northern Ireland. She won the Lux Wellbeing award in 2018 for the hypnotherapist of the year – Northern Ireland. She also works with clients online across the world.




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