By Judith Ward & Laurie Larson

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Burnout is a common affliction in our modern civilization running on a continuum with symptoms of anxiety and depression. This state of chronic stress can lead to exhaustion of mind and body, cynical and detached emotions, and a pervasive sense of ineffectiveness and detachment.

When you have these symptoms, it is hard to function on a personal or professional level. Thankfully clinical hypnosis can be used to treat burnout and get you feeling back to the real you again.

Using hypnosis to help with Burnout

Hypnosis can significantly help alleviate burnout.

Signs that you may be experiencing burn out include:

  • Feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Taking a longer time to complete tasks
  • Making frequent mistakes
  • Feeling detached and useless
  • Feeling unwell
  • Taking frustrations out on others

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms then see the following five ways that hypnotherapy may be able to work for you.

1.Tap Into the Subconscious

Through clinical hypnotherapy, a Hypnotherapist can gain direct access to a patient’s subconscious state and enable them to relax and calm their mind. Their best hopes will be discussed and using hypnosis can help the person move away from the problem and towards feeling calmer and more in control.

For example, the burnout could be work-related if you are trying too hard to prove yourself or your work environment is too high pressure for you. When your brain is in a relaxed state your mind can wander and this can help you create solutions and enable you to find your way out of it.

2. Increase Self-Confidence and rebuild your self-esteem

For hypnotherapy to be effective, you must take full responsibility for your well-being and work towards stopping destructive patterns. Only through simultaneously building self-confidence and rebuilding your self-esteem is this possible. Low self-esteem stems from our subconscious and overly critical, irrational thoughts. These can be quieted or removed through confidence hypnosis, and help you grow more believe in yourself to tackle your burnout.

3. Restore your normal quality of life

Hypnotherapy provides a gentle, drug- and chemical-free way to restore balance and harmony leading to normal quality of life again. However, you must first be ready to commit to work on the process of self-awareness and self-healing.

4. Shorten the Path of Suffering

Using hypnosis can reduce the time of suffering and end any cyclical behavioral and psychological patterns encouraging the exhaustion loop of performance and reclaim our lives.

5. Give yourself Lifetime Skills

Hypnosis can help out with short term burnout but also has long term benefits. Hypnosis helps you relax, set more effective personal and professional boundaries, and adopt edifying behaviours as relates to food, exercise, and sleep. Hypnosis also helps you to define and set priorities in your life through introspection and help you re-evaluate what your priorities are to avoid future burnouts.

Hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, drug and chemical free, viable solution for treating burnout and is considered a safe, complementary, and alternative therapy with only rare adverse reactions. Try it today, and make sure you find the therapist right for you.

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Judith Ward is a clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist. She has won awards for her work in helping people with anxiety and stress. She was nominated Hypnotherapist of the year in 2018, N Ireland by the LUX Wellbeing awards. She helps clients with anxiety, stress, confidence, self-esteem, and sleep. She runs her clinic in Bangor, Co Down, and works with clients online worldwide. To work with her visit



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