Bangor cares event schedule 23rd -29th September 2019

All week starting from Monday 23rd September there are going to be a whole range of activities supporting mental health and well-being in Bangor. Different organisations will be hosting a range of events from mindfulness, insomnia clinics to creative craft making. On...

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Selecting a hypnotherapist

 What To think about: Choose a fully qualified hypnotherapist who has successfully completed training from a professional training provider and is in possession of their Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma. ​​ A well-trained hypnotherapist should have received completed...

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Do you want to feel more confident right now?

Over 61% of people don’t perceive themselves as confident. Wow, that’s shocking! There are less confident people out there than what you think. When you look at some confident people on the Television you might think that they really have their act together but this...

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The IBS Hamster wheel – and how to cope better with IBS.

Article by Judith Ward Clinical Solution focused hypnotherapist. (HPD, CNHC)   Living with IBS can feel like you are on a hamster wheel and you are going round and round anticipating when the next flare up will be. It can feel like you are stuck in a loop and...

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4 ways to improve your body confidence quickly

By Judith Ward, Clinical Solution focused Hypnotherapist. Our body confidence can take a nosedive at different times in our lives. Research has shown that everyone has been affected by poor body confidence at some point. This article covers four ways that you can use...

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Body confidence and you

I was delighted to have been invited to BBC Belfast to give some workshops on the subject of body confidence to staff as part of their wellbeing Mental Health week. The benefits of technology enabled us to have a live link during the workshops to staff at Derry who...

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The A-Z of anxiety and how to gain back control of your life

Anxiety can feel overwhelming and scary and it can creep up on you at any time in your life. It can make you not want to leave your home, go places socially and hold you back at work and want to avoid travel. Once we have a deeper understanding of where this anxiety...

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5 Top tips to a calmer Christmas

By Judith Ward, Clinical Hypnotherapist Would you like this to be you this Christmas? Christmas can be a stressful time for a lot of people. People can be dealing with issues like grief, loneliness and relationships can be tested to max at Christmas time. Tempers can...

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