How to help your IBS symptoms using hypnotherapy

Want to learn about how hypnotherapy can help your IBS? When you get stressed do you find that your digestion starts playing up? IBS and other digestive issues can be so debilitating. From needing to plan loo stops or constantly feeling constipated and bloated....

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Keeping your Data safe with GDPR.

The General Protection Data Regulations or (GDPR) are now in force and as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, I want to assure that handling your data is taking seriously. This is what I promise at Judith Ward Hypnotherapy: I won’t ask you for any more information...

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The ultimate guide to finding the right therapist for you

There are so many different types of therapies out there it can be confusing to find the right person for you. I have tried different types in my life and have met some wonderful therapists and each has different approaches and styles. Before booking an appointment...

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What do my clients think of Solution focused hypnotherapy?

If you are thinking of seeing a hypnotherapist but don’t know who to go and see, it’s sometimes useful to read feedback from other clients who have been through the experience before you. If the name Solution focused hypnotherapy doesn’t mean much to you, it’s a...

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How to relax and think clearly in 2018 to achieve your goals

How would like to win a ticket to a New Year Seminar in Belfast on the 8th January 2018 on how to train your brain and love the life you lead? In addition to this you will receive a 100% natural Blackberry Ylang Ylang luxury candle locally hand produced by Oona...

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The Ultimate Guide to calming down a busy brain.

Our mind can feel like a pressure cooker some days. Sometimes it feels it is being overloaded with so much information. We receive lots of new information all the time. This can make us feel overwhelmed and has a knock-on effect on our concentration. If you want to...

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Best New Business Award Winner at the Bangor Awards 2017

On Friday evening the Bangor awards were hosted at the Clandeboye hotel. Over 350 guests were invited representing local companies. The event was hosted by Pete Snodden from Cool FM, the Bangor Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by Ards and North Borough Council. I had...

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Culture Night and the Gerry Kelly show

Last weekend I was delighted to have been invited onto the Gerry Kelly show to talk about hypnotherapy. Here I am posing like a tourist outside the BBC. If you are interested in hearing my chat with Gerry, it is available online for the next 26 days on the BBC I...

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