Do you have a habit that you feel that you have outgrown?

Is it now time to let it go?

Does it frustrate you that you haven’t been able to beat it before?

Does it make you feel embarrassed or ashamed in any way?

You know it isn’t doing you any good but you can’t stop.

Would you like to learn how to be kinder to yourself?

All habits are created through repetition. We don’t have to think about them as they are stored deep within our subconscious mind and we can often do them on autopilot.

Together using hypnosis and solution focused talk I can help you break free from your old habits.

As the first clinical solution focused hypnotherapist established in Northern Ireland back in 2016, I have worked with a lot of clients wanting to change habits.

I have seen them really benefit from using my own unique approach combined with solution focused coaching.

My clients have gone on to make massive leaps in their life and feel calmer and more in control.

Let me help you break free from that habit to become the person you deserve to be.


Ways to work with me:

1-2-1 Face to face from my clinic in Bangor, Co Down or work with me online.

I will create for you a tailored package with lots of practical tools and techniques and powerful hypnosis recordings.

Are you ready to say goodbye to that habit?

Book your transformation to become a calmer and happier you.


Happy Clients

“I found Judith’s approach to be extremely helpful, not only in enabling me to stop my nail biting habit but in dealing with stress more effectively”. “I am happy to fully recommend her”.

Julie, Northern Ireland.

“Thank you so much for your support. I feel I have gained a lot of strength since I saw you. I haven’t touched my hair and never have the feeling of doing it anymore”.

Judy, Bangor.

“Thank you for helping me change my life for the better!!!”


Video Testimonial

Imagine 3-6 sessions from now:

  • You feel calmer
  • You are sleeping better
  • Friends and family are complimenting on how much more relaxed, happy and confident you are
  • You are saying yes to things you would have previously felt fearful about
  • You feel “normal”
  • You are smiling and laughing more
  • You are looking forward to tomorrow
  • You wake up feeling you want to start your day
  • You understand your brain and how to manage it better
  • You have tool kit of resources and strategies to help you lead a calm and happier life

Free Resources

Come join my FREE closed anxiety support Facebook group for people like you who have experienced anxiety and want greater confidence, a powerful mindset and to live the life your deserve.

I can help with the following:
*Unhealthy eating patterns/emotional eating/over-eating

* Creating a positive Mindset

* Nail biting

* Skin picking

* Hair or eyelash pulling (Trichotillomania)

* Self-sabotage

If you are struggling with changing a habit please get in touch and I can help you and create a tailored package to suit your needs.
From old patterns of fear and overwhelm, unlock your inner strength using hypnosis to say goodbye to anxiety for good. Become the person you deserve to be. Let me show the way to become that happier and calmest version of you.

To find out more or to book your transformation click below

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