Low mood?

Feeling tearful or emotional?

Lack of motivation to do anything?

Finding everyday activities overwhelming?

No interest in the things you used to enjoy?

Feel like every day is a struggle?

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help with depression and anxiety. 

I can help you get your life back on track so you can feel lighter and start enjoying life again.

 I will explain the science behind this to you as I have found that it can be reassuring for clients to find out why their brain is behaving the way it is. 

I was the first clinical Solution Focused Hypnotherapist established in Northern Ireland back in 2016. 

I have seen lots of clients experiencing low mood and seen them really benefit from using my own unique approach combined with solution focused coaching. 

My clients have gone on to make massive leaps in their life and feel calmer and more in control.


Ways to work with me:

1-2-1 Face to face from my clinic in Bangor, Co Down or work with me online.

I will create for you a tailored package with lots of practical tools and techniques and powerful hypnosis recordings.

Find out about my 5-week online anxiety course

Book your transformation to become a calmer and happier you

Happy Clients

“Many thanks Judith for all your help in returning control of my life back to me again”. “I began as a bit of a sceptic but now have no hesitation in recommending your therapy to anyone”. “It certainly worked for me”.

 Brian, Dundonald

“I started working with Judith when I found myself suffering from anxiety and stress. This was leading to depression. The first session, when my feelings were explained and how the brain functioned was extremely useful. Listening to her recordings at home was an added bonus to help relax.

“When I applied the methods I had learned I did feel more positive, relaxed and was enjoying life in a different way. I was more self-aware and made more of an effort to work on my mental health”. “Appointments were always on time and conducted very professionally and overall it was a pleasure to work with Judith”.

 Client, N Ireland

“Massive 5 stars for Judith”. “I have been suffering with depression for years and years”. “My hubby discovered Judith and after several treatments I am a totally different person”. “Judith explains everything to you with so much detail”. “I now know that I am not to blame for depression and everything Judith has taught me will stay with me forever”. “Thank you Judith for giving me my life back”.

Bev, Enniskillen

Video Testimonial

Imagine in 6-8 weeks from now:

  • You feel calmer
  • You are sleeping better
  • Friends and family are complimenting on how much more relaxed, happy and confident you are
  • You are saying yes to things you would have previously felt fearful about
  • You feel “normal”
  • You are smiling and laughing more
  • You are looking forward to tomorrow
  • You wake up feeling you want to start your day
  • You understand your brain and how to manage it better
  • You have tool kit of resources and strategies to help you lead a calm and happier life

Free Resources

Come join my FREE closed anxiety support Facebook group for people like you who have experienced anxiety and want greater confidence, a powerful mindset and to live the life your deserve.

Additional Information on Depression

Triggers can be:

  • Relationships/divorce
  • Loss of job
  • Worry about finances
  • Grief and loss
  • Infertility/IVF
  • IBS
  • Health issues/Illness
  • Workplace pressure or bullying
  • Retirement
  • Becoming a mum

Depression is generally associated with low mood and a lack of desire to do things.

It can affect you in different ways.

Some days you might feel anxious and other days low.

It can feel like there is a dark cloud over your life.

The things you used to enjoy, you no longer have the energy or desire to do.

It can feel suffocating.

You can’t get enough sleep.

You worry about the impact it has on friends and family.

You can’t stop ruminating and replaying events.

The constant worry gets you down.

If you are struggling with depression or anxiety please get in touch and I can help you and create a tailored package to suit your needs.

From old patterns of fear and overwhelm, unlock your inner strength using hypnosis to say goodbye to anxiety for good. Become the person you deserve to be. Let me show the way to become that happier and calmest version of you.

To find out more or to book your transformation click below

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