Testimonials from clients

Suzie Mahaffey - Bangor



I can honestly say seeing Judith has created a big change in my life!! I cannot recommend her enough… I found out about Judith when I noticed changes in a family friend. The changes in this person were dramatic, so I decided if Judith could help them then maybe she could help me too. I have not been disappointed, in fact, I’m blown away by the results! My low confidence and self-belief have improved along with some issues with anxiety and depression which I’ve suffered with on and off over many years. Thank you x


Emma Rayner - Bangor



I would like to thank Judith for the recent sessions I had to tackle issues with sleep and anxiety. She is a lovely professional lady and I cannot recommend her enough. Solution Focused hypnotherapy really works and she is the first practising hypnotherapist in Northern Ireland. The help she has given me has had a profound effect on all aspects of my life. If you feel there are any areas of your life that would benefit from a positive input Judith is the lady for you. Thanks again.

Customer testimonial Emma @ Bangor


Alison Furness-flint - England

Life changing.
I can’t say enough wonderful things about Judith and the new direction in life she has given me. I have struggled with anxiety and low confidence levels for a long time. I had so much fear and self doubt.
Judith works on a very deep level of the mind. Now after a few sessions I am a lot more confident, focused and positive and I am looking forward to life. I know how to overcome any obstacles to reach my goals.

alison testimonials - customer england

Sarah McIntyre - Bangor



Judith Ward is an amazing hypnotherapist I cannot thank her enough. My life has transformed and self-destruct has gone. My confidence and self doubt has melted away. I would highly recommend Judith. Such a beautiful friendly woman. It should be compulsory because it is so life transforming. If I could give you more than 5* I would. Thank you so much xx


Oonagh McGranaghan - Belfast



One amazing session to give up smoking! I tried hypnotherapy before to quit smoking and it didn’t work for me so I went to Judith with a teeny bit of scepticism. It all went out the window when she started the session, the difference this time was SOLUTION FOCUSED.
I left the session as a non-smoker and haven’t had the urge to light up since. She has even helped my insomnia without being asked as I listen to her CD before sleeping at night and I am now getting a full nights sleep. Waking up refreshed helps keep me strong to face the day.


Oonagh testimonial customer from Belfast


Scott Lancaster - New Zealand



I worked with Judith over a 4 month period via Skype on the other side of the world. I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and Judith is a true professional with empathy, and really wanted the best for me, she was able to get to the heart of the issue and give me some great tools. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Scott Lancaster - New Zealand - Customer testimonial


Victoria Scott - Belfast



I would highly recommend Judith to help you stop smoking I have tried and failed many times and this time I feel so much better and have not wanted to smoke since I have seen Judith.



Rodale – Belfast

Judith was warm and friendly. She helped me to make some positive changes in my personal and professional life. Thanks in part to her solution focused approach we did this all within a relatively short space of time. I would highly recommend Judith if you need support or focus to make some changes in any area of your life.

Dr M Jamieson, Belfast

Exams: Hi Judith results through and I passed!!! Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work with me! Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work with me! I was defo in a better place because of you! Just glad it’s all over new and life can begin again!

I know how important feedback is to you. So here are some more examples of what my clients have been saying…

Highly recommend Judith for some hypnotherapy, I genuinely feel a happy version of me I feel so much happy and closer to my family and friends and a better me overall a changed person relaxed chilled person and definitely a more motivated person. Also, such a lovely girl overall just love her will be back for some relaxing
Nikki, Newtownards

Thank you for making me feel like me.
Business Owner, Northern Ireland.

You have made me feel so happy. 
Tracey, England.

You have a wonderful voice. I am now sleeping again after many years of insomnia. Thank you. 
Retired client, Belfast. 

Judith Ward Hypnotherapy sessions in Bangor! Had one session on 12th September and haven’t had a cigarette since!! Highly recommend! She has a Facebook page! x
Ruth, Bangor

You have given me my life back. I feel normal for the 1st time in years. xxx
Beverley, Fermanagh

Judith helped me control my panic attacks. I would highly recommend her, thanks so much.
Ann, Bangor

Judith is excellent, anyone wondering if hypnotherapy is for them should definitely make a visit to her. Thanks for all your help so far Judith.
Nicola, Bangor

Had a session with Judith this morning, her professionalism is second to none. Can highly recommend her for anything that is covered in her remit. You won’t be sorry.
Damien, Bangor

I wanted to say a huge thank you to Judith from myself and my daughter as we both have been coming
We both have got a lot out of this and has changed us both in how we feel with day to day things that would have been so frustrating in the past. I would highly recommend Judith to anyone especially anyone with anxiety problems xxx 

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